High Performance Trays


Weakness of
Conventional Trays

  • Poor Liquid Flow Distribution
    Uneven bubbling activity / Stagnant liquid pools
  • High Liquid Hydraulic Gradient
    Low bubbling activity at tray inlet / Poor vapor distribution
  • Non-optimized Downcomer Design
    Oversized downcomer / Premature downcomer flooding

Conventional Trays
Stagnant Liquid pool

High Performance Trays
Liquid Plug Flow


Conventional trays typically form stagnant liquid pools on both sides of the
tray decks (left). To eliminate this inherent stagnant liquid pool, it is necessary
to improve liquid flow distribution across the tray floor. As shown in the
Figure (right), uniform plug-flow liquid distribution eliminates liquid back-mixing
and the formation of stagnant liquid pools. As a result, plug flow distribution
improves tray efficiency and also minimizes the tray tendency to foul. The
High Performance Tray technology consists of various design know-how
that help, not only improve column throughout and efficiency,
but also extend the column run-time.

High Performance
Tray Design

Mini Valve & Micro Dispersion Valve
Mini valves which are available for round and rectangular type
valves, with the design feature of directional flow promotion
devices help eliminate stagnant liquid pools and promote uniform
liquid plug flow and froth densities across the entire bubbling area.

Directional promotion devices eliminate fouling material settling
on the tray deck and thus serve to extend the column run time.

Inlet Bubble Promotors
The High Performance Tray is designed with unique inlet bubble
promotors, shown in the right side figures, to allow for froth in
initiation near the inlet area of the active panels. The froth
initiation helps minimize/eliminate the liquid gradient on the tray
and promotes uniform froth distribution across the entire tray
active area, which results in higher tray capacity and operating

Apply Downcomer Optimization
Optimize bubbling area
Downcomer area distribution
Use vapor tunnel and relief downcomer concepts

Advantages of TPT’s High Performance Trays


When compared with typical conventional
valve/sieve trays, High Performance Trays offer:

Higher capacity – typically 20 – 40%
Higher tray efficiency – typically 5 – 15%
Lower pressure drops – typically 15 – 20%
Higher turn down flexibility
Longer column run-time.

Features Advantages
Greater effective active area Higher capacity
Special contact device Higher capacity & efficiency
Longer effective flow path Higher efficiency
Directional flow Improved liquid distribution
Bubble promotor Higher capacity & efficiency due to froth initiation

De-entrainment Device

The objective of high performance tray with de-entraining devices is to
effectively eliminate entrainment in such operation cases. Another
benefit is additional wetted solid surface area for enhanced vapor and
liquid contact.The de-entraining device, comprised of a plurality of
baffles, is situated in the disengagement zone below the tray. The
baffles act as spray deflectors by intercepting entrained spray.
Liquid then falls as droplets toward the active area.

When operating under the spray regime, the high performance trays
with de-entraining device can result in an increase of approximately
10% – 20% additional hydraulic capacity over trays without such a device.
It have been successfully applied in commercial distillation columns and
are proven effective, with technical advantages, under variable conditions.