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TPT Pacific operates R&D center for development for masstransfer equipment & process and
when the verification of the process review of simulation is required, we perform lab test and reflect them in the design.

Pilot Facilities &
Lab. Facilities

TPT Pacific collects the data needed for masstransfer process design by conducting VLE and LLE lab test at the TPT’s R&D center. In addition, when verification of process design using simulation is needed, we determine the design data through test with lab devices such as distillation, extraction and short path distillation.

High Performance
Tower Internals

TPT has been focusing continuous research and developments aiming high performance,high efficiency, greater energy saving and capability products and processes.

TPT’s High performance trays
– High capacity & Higher efficiency
– Higher turndown flexibility
– Longer column run time

TPT’s High capacity packings (TSP-H)
– Enhanced & Improved capacity

High performance packed tower internals

patent technology

Process & Masstransfer device

We have patents for masstransfer devices such as trays, packing and liquid distributor for FPSO that developed by our own technology, as well as have patents for mass transfer process such as acetic acid dehydration, and liquid splitter which is essential for divided wall column construction, etc.