Random Packing(Metal)

TPT PACIFIC supplies the various type & size of random packing such as TP Ring, TC Ring, TI Ring, TR Ring, Saddle and Etc.
Metal, Plastic, Ceramic and Carbon are available.

TC Ring
(Equivalent to Cascade Mini-Rings (CMR))

Higher capacity and lower pressure drop

Excellent mechanical strength

Excellent for fouling service

Low liquid hold-up

TI Ring
(Equivalent to IMTP Ring)

40% lower pressure drop compared with TP Ring (Pall Ring)

High efficiency

Geometry ensures low liquid hold-up and a great
improvement in capacity to Pall Rings

TP Ring
(Equivalent to Pall Ring)

Higher capacity and lower pressure drop than TR Ring (Raschig rings).

Greater than 90% void fraction for low liquid hold-up

Good absorption efficiency with liquid residence time

TR Ring
(Equivalent to Raschig Ring)

Available in non-metallic materials – carbon, ceramic and etc.