Mist Eliminator

TPT PACIFIC supplies various type & materials of Mist eliminator. Wire mesh(Metal / Plastic) Type, Vane (Metal / Plastic) type are available.
Mist eliminator is to remove liquid from air or gas flow using mechanical collection by surface or fillerments.

Benefit of Mist Eliminator

Reduce loss of valuable chemicals
Increase throughput capacity
Improve product purity
Minimize contamination
Provide equipment protection
Reduce air pollution


Vacuum Towers
Distillation Towers
Steam Drums
Gas Absorption systems
Knockout Drums

Mesh Type Mist Eliminator

Vane Type Mist Eliminator

Knit Mesh Type Mist Eliminator

Knit mesh mist eliminators provide high separation efficiency at the low cost.
Knit mesh mist eliminator is available in a variety of density.

Type Density
Surface Area
Void (%)
TM-80 80 155 98.9
TM-120 120 210 98.5
TM-128 128 460 98.4
TM-144 144 275 98.2
TM-193 193 978 97.6
TM-300 300 575 96.2
TM-390 360 750 95.0
TM-432 432 1,780 94.5

Vane Type Mist Eliminator

Vane type mist eliminators provide best solution at fouling service.
And vane type mist eliminators are baffle or zigzag blade modules tailored for
either vertical or horizontal flow installations.

V=K ((DL-Dv)/Dv)0.5
V : Allowable velocity, ft/sec
K : See the table below
DL : Liquid Density lb/ft3 at operating temperature and pressure
DV : Vapor Density lb/ft3 at operating temperature and pressure

K value (ft/sec) for Knit Mesh Type

Clean conditions0.351
Vacuum conditions0.2 ~ 0.28
Plastic Mist eliminator0.21
High pressure : > 20 bar0.279

K value (ft/sec) for Vane Type

DESIGN0.5 (for vertical flow), mr0.65 (for horizontal flow)
MAX0.55 (for vertical flow), mr0.72 (for horizontal flow)