Column Scanning

Look inside your column while it’s operating

Gamma-ray scan testing is a non-invasive technique that can
be used to look inside towers and vessels to examine the
abnormal operation and to obtain the data for revamp. Using a
collimated beam of Gamma-rays from an enclosed millicurie
radio-isotope source, one can determine a density profile and
interpret the scan to produce a detailed picture of what is
(or isn ’t) inside and what is (or isn’ t) happening.

Gamma-ray scan can identify these
conditions and determine their causes

Displaced or damaged trays and packings

Flooded trays and packings

Foaming on trays or in reboilers, condensers and accumulators

Weeping or dumping trays

Flooded downcomers

Maldistribution of vapor and liquid in packings

Fouling, plugging and coking

Unequal liquid levels on trays and in parting boxes,
troughs and collectors

Almost all column operating problems
fall into one of these classes:

Operation is poor right from start-up

Performance deteriorates gradually over time

An upset degrades performance